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About me




My name is JooBee. I was born and raised in Malaysia, before moving to the UK. I’ve always been a geek🤓, a lover of knowledge and a believer of possibilities. 


The main driving forces in my career journey are; take risks, get hands-on, pull things apart, put them together and create something better. It gives me no greater joy when I learn a little bit more than I knew before. 


I pursued learning as the north star of my career choices and my experiences span across being;

  • an engineer using AI to predict fire in power plants

  • a consultant developing leaders for FTSE 200 clients

  • a researcher in discovering meta-competencies are the key to sustainable leadership development 

  • a lecturer for leadership and strategy in top business schools

  • a few other random roles that I will share in my blogs 🤫 

  • and oh yes, a HR person scaling start-ups in hyper-growth mode 😉


Did it scare the hell out of me that my career journey was all over the place? Yes! The paths I took are so different to what I should be on. So, hell yes! I was worried I would be ‘Joobs of all trades, master of none.’ 


Would I do it all over again? Without a doubt! Like any good adventure, I encountered a road of trials 🐉, failures, and met many amazing mentors 🧙‍♂️ 🦸‍♀️. I would not have the breadth of experience without taking the paths that I did. 


In my blog, I’m sharing my reflections from my experiences in scaling start-ups and my learnings as I continue on this journey.



There’s value in rebranding and I have called my teams People and Experience (PeX) and People Operations (POps).


In case you are wondering why I use the term HR in my blogs instead of People team / People and Culture team / People and Experience team - it is because changing the HR name doesn’t guarantee the change in the way we do things. So, I decided to use the most well-known name for our profession and strive to change how we do things instead


A rose 🌹 by any name is still a rose

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