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Scaling start-ups

Journey through the world of start-ups in a series packed with action and challenges of growing pains.

Episode guide


The first season throws us headfirst into the trials and challenges that many start-ups have experienced in their journey to success. These lessons will be all too familiar for founders and HR folk who have scaled start-ups and are equal parts cautionary and exciting to those doing it for the first time.


In the second season, we continue on our quest to build a successful start-up with people at its core. If you are building an HR function, this is a must read to avoid accruing HR debt and uncover alternative insights on how to build a strong HR foundation.


Season 3 navigates vital structural and management shifts for rapid employee growth. If you want to build a high-performing management team, this is a must-read! Uncover insights on crafting the optimal management structure at the right juncture of your start-up's growth journey.

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